Saturday, March 30, 2019

This overbred French bulldog has no eyes

RUNNING around and playing with her canine brothers, this French Bulldog seems like any other playful pup - except she has no eyes. Milly was the runt of a litter and kept hidden away in a wooden box by her breeder as she looked so different from her siblings. As the result of over-breeding to achieve the bulging eyes found in brachycephalic breeds, Milly’s eyes were completely out of proportion to her body and extremely infected. Fortunately veterinary technician Christin, from Ramat HaSharon, Israel, gave her a home after seeing an ad for her on Facebook.

Adorable Bulldog Puppy Is the New Cadbury Bunny

Cadbury’s clucking rabbit has been associated with Cadbury Crème Eggs and Easter for approaching four decades. When it comes to the branding associated with sweet treats, there are few more recognizable mascots. But Cadbury has been dabbling with other animals in place of that iconic bunny for some time. Pigs, cats, even lions tried filling in for the Cadbury bunny.  But Cadbury looks like they’ve finally settled on a new animal to carry the crème egg mantle and he is 18-month old English bulldog named Henry from Wilmington, North Carolina.

Cadbury held the first official “tryout” to replace the iconic bunny and got 4000 submissions from actual animal owners around the country including a llama, a goat, a horse and a couple lizards. But after much deliberation and some help from Instagram star Doug the Pug, who served as a celebrity judge, Henry was declared the winner. And if you watch his work in the video up above, you can see why. He is a consummate professional, takes direction well, hit all his cues and brought the sort of positive attitude that is so rare amongst today’s stars. Also he’s an adorable, wrinkly puppy. So there’s that.

Henry will be starring in the Cadbury campaign that will begin airing at the beginning of April this year and will get $5,000. Cadbury is also donating $10,000 to the ASPCA. For fans of cute animals this is hopefully the bunny “tryout” will become an annual tradition and provide lots more furry hopefuls for us “aww” over.